The EthNode – ATMega based Ethernet board

Taking inspiration from the good folks at Nanode and an Instructable I saw recently, I’ve come up with “another” AVR based Ethernet board that can be programmed and used like an Arduino.

It’s a simple design based on the ATMega and Microchip’s ENC28J60 Ethernet controller with SPI.  Running MQTT on one of these will open up a few options for home automation and remote sensor monitoring.

It’s not as complex as the Nanode.  It doesn’t have the Arduino header locations, but all the major pins are available at headers. There is a 25L512 chip providing 512 Kbit Serial EEPROM for MAC addresses and logged data if one needs it. The PCB is only 80x50mm in size!

Here is the schematic:

EthNode Schematic

EthNode Schematic

Here is the PCB layout:

EthNode PCB Layout

EthNode PCB Layout

All the resources (KiCAD files, libraries, etc) can be downloaded here:Ethnode-V0.9.tar

This morning I got a delivery from Farnell with all the parts.. Busy weekend ahead!

KiCAD version of JeeLabs JeeNode v6

I’ve been following Jean-Claude Wippler’s blog over at, he has done some lovely work on a little board called the JeeNode.

The JeeNode is a wireless micro-controller board designed for a variety of Physical Computing tasks. From measuring and reporting temperature, humidity, and other environmental data to tracking and controlling energy consumption around the house. It was inspired by the Arduino Duemilanove and Uno boards, and by the “Real Bare Bones Board” (RBBB) from Modern Device.

The JeeNode V6 artwork on JeeLabs is done with Eagle. I’d like to make one and decided to rework the artwork in KiCad.

The schematic:

KiCAD versoin of JeeNodeV6 - Schematic

KiCAD versoin of JeeNodeV6 – Schematic

The artwork:

KiCAD versoin of JeeNodeV6 - PCB

KiCAD versoin of JeeNodeV6 – PCB

There possible I’ve used the same part references as the original. You can download the full artwork: KiCAD-JeeNodeV6.tar

So time to make this PCB. It will be tricky, lots of through holes and vias, but I’m up for a challenge!


My KiCAD version of USBtinyISP

I’m looking to make a USB AVR ISP, Eagle files are easy to find, so I thought I’d do a KiCAD version. The circuit is the same used by Ladyada, although the board is not designed to fit into the same box! I’m loving KiCAD, this took about two hours to do schematic capture and PCB layout.

USB AVR ISP - Schematic

USB AVR ISP – Schematic

PCB layout…USB AVR ISP - PCBAll the files needed are here: USB_AVR_ISP. Time to get making!