The EthNode – Hardware build

A quick update on the EthNode: I developed and etched a double side PCB for the EthNode last night and have just finished assembling the components. It’s a tricky build as I can’t plate the through holes with my home setup. If it works, I’ll be getting a few PCB’s professionally made!

The PCB developed with good clean traces.  I was trying to make a JeeNode too, put my inkjet printer ran out of ink and the laser version of the artwork was not dark enough.. so I guess I now know that inkjet is the way to go for printing artwork for PCB production!

Here is the top side of the PCB with a few parts added:

Ethnode - Build start

Ethnode – Build start

The back side is good a clean too, and the hole alignment is much better for this PCB.  I converted an old scanner to a light box which made alignment of the artwork quick and easy to do.

Below is a photo of the assembled PCB, you can see more on my Flickr page if that is your thing!

Ethnoe - Fully assembled

Ethnoe – Fully assembled

Another view.. from the MagJack end:

Ethnoe - Fully assembled (MagJack side)

Ethnoe – Fully assembled (MagJack side)

A close up of the only SMD part on the board (the 25LC512 serial EEPROM):

25L512 serial EEPROM memory

25L512 serial EEPROM memory

All the rails (+5 an 3.3V) are good and a quick electrical check with a multimeter didn’t show up and shorts as I guess it’s coding time..