Heater control project (hardware prototyping)

So I have got the DS18B20 hooked up to the BeagleBone’s 1-wire interface, it’s time to look at the over all design of this little project.  I’m not sure there is a simpler circuit!? Started up KiCad and took a while to track down the libraries for the BeagleBone headers and the DS18B20. [Look here for the BeagleBone and here the DS18B20]

It took a little hacking with a text editor to extract the parts from the two projects and get them into a KiCad library.. Got to love open source design tools, you can use a text editor to work on a library… Very cool!  In practice this took way longer than drawing up the circuit.  But a learning curve worth going on.

The simple schematic of the heater control.

Really nice of KiCad to allow you to insert a graphic into your schematic.. very handy when moving to the prototype stage, everything can be noted on the drawing.  On my schematic I have the BC547 and the DS18B20 pin-outs as a reference.

My Beaglebone heater control breadboarded..

So there it is.. a first draft on the breadboard.  Time to move to the software domain and see if we can get the BeagleBone to drive the relay. The wonderful world of the BeagleBone and GPIO pin mux’ing.

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