Weather Station time…

Got myself a weather station the other day. Dunno what it is about weather, but have always wanted one of these guys!

The model I got was a “WH3080 Low Cost Weather Station With Solar Panel” (got it from PJ Boner)

Basic spec:

– Temperature ( Indoors and Outside )
– Relative Humidity ( Indoors and Outside )
– Light Level (Lux and UV index)
– Wind Speed
– Wind Direction
– Atmospheric Pressure
– Rainfall

WH3080 Low Cost Weather Station With Solar Panel

It logs data to the base unit, and has a USB interface on it to log live data. So I needed some software to connect this to my Linux server.  A quick google search later and up comes PYWWS, installed a treat and with a little update of the config files the station now posts the to Weather Underground.

I’ve also set up a local page page too: (graphs. etc..)