BeagleBone vs Arduino (heating control)

I’m just toying around with a little project I want to get off the ground.  Quite simple: I have an office at the end of the garden and now the weather is getting a little colder, I’d like to be able to remotely start a little heater I have there over our home network.  I would also like the controller to monitor the room temperature and turn the heater on and off as required.

The famous Arduino Uno!

I’ve tried giving this a go using an Arduino and an Arduino ethernet shield, but have had a load of trouble keeping the TCP/IP stack stable.. My code would work for an hour or two and then the system would crash. This is a really tricky problem to debug, once reset the system is stable and works fine, then all of a sudden it all crashes and requires a reset to start back up.  I’ve tried tracing the stack to see if it overflows, etc.. but finally given up on the Adruino solution.

BeagleBone… Wooof Woooof

Enter the BeagleBone.. From a cost point of view its on the money, an Arduino and Ethernet shield come in at around €64, the BeagleBone can be got from RS for €75.. I know the Raspberry Pi is the ticket here, but I can’t get a hold of one any time soon..

I’ve got my BeagleBone hooked up to a Dallas DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensor… So easy to do it’s not funny! The version of Ubuntu I’m using has 1-wire bus ready to go on the P8_6 header pin. Think I’m ready finally start this project!